Art Connects NH

Bringing Art to Our Community


Art Connects NH—founded through a partnership between the New Hampshire Institute of Art and the New Hampshire Art Association—creates permanent exhibitions of contemporary art in social service and nonprofit spaces, benefiting under-served populations of the state while providing artists a public outlet for their art.

Created in September 2014, Art Connects NH, a unique program created through the partnership of the New Hampshire Institute of Art and the New Hampshire Art Association, brings art to broad and diverse New Hampshire communities through the creation of permanent exhibitions of contemporary art in non-profit and social service agencies across the state. Founded with seed money from the Fay Slover Fund of the Boston Foundation, and based on the highly successful and internationally replicated model of The Art Connection, Boston, Art Connects NH helps artists donate works of art to non-profit agencies, and places their artwork in highly visible locations. Additionally, Art Connects NH provides connectivity amongst a broad spectrum of New England artists; alignment and collaboration of like-minded artists and organizations; outreach and educational components to enrich communities; highlights local artists and organizations; and promotes the transformative power of art on challenged and under-served populations.

In addition to art installations at nonprofits statewide, Art Connects NH will incorporate educational and outreach components that go beyond exhibiting artwork. Programming may include hands-on art workshops with NHIA and NHAA artists, and lectures. These programs will be an integral part of the ceremonies as appropriate to the specific venues. As the sole Art Connection program in NH, Art Connects NH strives to have a broad reach within the state while placing emphasis on those areas with the most need of enrichment. Additionally, the organization will approach non-profits in a variety of social service arenas, beautifying these important service-based organizations, and installing works only in common areas for the benefit of public viewing.